Interested in Becoming an Organ Donor?

Congratulations, you’ve taken the first step which includes finding out more information about the process. Unfortunately, within Canada, the number of organ donors is significantly smaller than many other countries in the developed World. As a result, the need for organs for transplantation is far greater than the available supply. Thousands of families across Canada are impacted each year as their loved ones wait for required organ donations. Together, we can do better and work together to help save lives through the ultimate gift. There are two types of organ donation:


Living Donation

Occurs when someone voluntarily donates an organ (like a kidney) or part of an organ (such as the liver or lung) and continues to live a normal life.

Deceased Donation

Takes place when organs become available for transplantation after someone has died. An individual’s donation can directly save 8 lives and improve the lives of up to 75 others.


Interested in becoming…

A Living Donor?



Read the information below on Kidney Donation.



Only you can make the final decision in committing to organ donation or trying to find out more details on the process.



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A Deceased Donor?



Understand more about organ donation.



Select if you’d like to donate all of your organs or only select ones.



Talk to your family about supporting your wishes.



If you’re in Ontario, pledge to be an organ or tissue donor through the “Be A Donor” website . If you’re outside of Ontario, speak with your physician about your wishes.




Kidney Donation


Kidney transplantation is a routine and successful treatment for kidney failure. Unfortunately, people might wait up to 5 years for a transplant and in that time, a patient’s conditions can decrease rapidly. However, due to medical improvements, there is an increasing trend of generous individuals donating one of their kidneys to an individual in need. People have two kidneys and only one is required for donation. A person can live a normal life after being a living donor as the remaining kidney increases its workload and easily functions as two normally would. Equally important, people who receive a kidney from a living donor have a better chance for a successful transplant, and the transplanted kidney tends to function better over time. In order to determine if you’re an eligible donor, you must be healthy adult (over 18yrs old) and participate in a routine assessment process to determine that you would be a good physical match as a donor. You can help to give the ultimate gift. If you are thinking about becoming a kidney donor or have any questions about our campaign, please email us at .