Big Thanks to The Kidney Foundation of Canada

It was our privilege and honor to be invited/join up with The Kidney Foundation of Canada during #NOTDAW a.k.a. National Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Week.

Our initiative will be a feature story during April as “Organ Donation Awareness Month”.

Rajiv and Dr J connected with the Kidney Foundation to share details on his diagnosis/treatments and speak further on our campaign using “social media” to raise organ donor awareness. Some of our Facebook posts have read/reached over 4000 people and growing. That’s huge!


Although the search continues, he’s optimistic that he’ll find a donor within the next couple of years. For this dedicated doctor, however, the campaign is already a success, regardless of whether it produces a compatible donor.

All three of us agree with that 100%!

Click here to sign/become a donor with “Help Dr J”