About Dr. J

Dr. Kamal JoshiFor those unfamiliar with Dr. Kamal Joshi, his story is an incredible one. As a physician, he has seen thousands of patients ranging in age from 18-100. As a family man, he’s the dad to two incredibly ambitious children, Sonya & Rajiv, and as a husband, he’s been the loyal, long-term partner in crime (& source to countless laughs) to Sunita.

Dr. Joshi is a Mississauga based physician specializing in internal medicine. At Credit Valley Hospital, his role is to deal with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of internal diseases. In late 2013, it was confirmed that Dr. Joshi would require a Kidney transplant. Despite the setback, we are confident that with your help, we will be able to find a Kidney donor. More importantly, we’d like to share his incredible story of determination, resiliency, and leadership.
His unlikely journey began when he was born in 1954 in Uganda, but he spent the most significant amount of time of his childhood in Kenya. As one of five Joshi children, Kamal was always a keen student and avid learner and by the time he turned 18, he had aspirations of being a medical provider and improving the health of others. In a relatively unique and ambitious path, he left Africa in order to attend medical school in Ireland. For five years, Kamal attended the Royal College of Physicians in Dublin, Ireland.

Dr. Joshi’s ultimate goal was to start practice and develop his skills in Canada, and he fulfilled that goal with his residency acceptance to McMaster University in 1977. By his late 20’s, Kamal had gone from the family surroundings of Africa to the bustling culture of urban Ireland to the unfamiliar (& often cold) surroundings of Southwestern Ontario. During his residency, he was fortunate to meet a contingent of other key young physicans that would become lifelong friends, but most importantly, he met & married his better-half, Sunita, in 1980.

Upon the completion of his residency program, Dr. Joshi’s tour would continue with a move to Timmins, Ontario and a physician role at the Timmins & District Hospital. Throughout the 80’s & early 90’s, the family would grow (a son & daughter, Rajiv & Sonya) and Sunita would begin her own medical career after acceptance to dental school at The University of Toronto. During this time, Dr. Joshi was a top physician in Timmins and would commute to see the family as frequently as possible. As you can imagine, as a young physicians and growing family, this was a time of minimal sleep and more time spent on the 400 series highways than anyone would care to formally acknowledge.

In addition to his legendary reputation for an ambitious workload, it was during this time that Kamal established his concrete reputation as a leading practioner in the medical community. After almost a decade in Timmins, Kamal spent a brief period at the Oakville Trafalgar Memorial Hospital, but by late 1992, family requirements led “the Joshi four” to Tampa, Florida.

Example4-Credit Valley HospitalDr. Joshi began practice in Florida and despite the “ever popular” appeal of the more tolerable climate, there was an unsettling feeling of the medical profession south of the border. Immediately, the discrepancy in the American medical industry became apparent as the often harsh realities of privatized health care meant that citizens didn’t have equal access to medical services. The “no money, no treatment” culture was difficult to witness and it became obvious to Kamal that he needed to get back to life in Canada.

By 1995, Kamal and the family had moved back to Canada and he had found a position at the Chatham hospital. His family would stay in the Toronto area which meant that Dr. Joshi would spend more time commuting between his new hospital and the family. However, by 1998, a position would become available at Credit Valley Hospital and Dr. Joshi leapt at the chance to work at another World-class facility while also being close to family. For the past 14 years, Dr. Joshi has called Credit Valley Hospital “home” and has helped thousands of patients as they’ve come through the door ranging in care from diagnosis and preventative prescriptions to emergency room analysis and treatment. He also works in a very busy cardiac clinic in Brampton.

Occasionally in life, we are provided a remarkable opportunity to help someone in need. To date, Dr. Joshi has had over 35,000 patient visits and dedicated his entire life to improving the physical well-being of others. It is our now obligation to try and an improve his.

– Drew Campbell & Rajiv Joshi (on behalf of Kamal Joshi)